Owning a boat in the Sunshine State is a dream with all of the lakes and rivers and easy access to both the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean. At Gambale Insurance Group in Stuart, FL, our agents will work with you to specifically tailor a boat or marine insurance policy to provide the liability and physical damage insurance you need to protect your watercraft and yourself. While boat insurance is not a legal requirement in the state of Florida, seasoned boat owners know that having a solid boat insurance policy is a wise investment. Boat insurance protects you financially in the event of an accident so that you can focus on more important things.

Boat insurance costs can vary greatly depending on your location and the size and type of watercraft that you own. Boat insurance covers most types of watercrafts, including engines, yachts, small fishing boats, powerboats, houseboats, and pontoons. If you have a significant amount of boating experience or if you’ve already had boat or marine insurance in the past, you may be eligible for discounts. Completing designated boating safety courses can also earn you discounts on your boater's insurance.

Boat ownership is rewarding in its own right, just make sure that your prized possession – or collection of them – are protected so that your investment can be fully enjoyed into the future. Our experienced agents at Gambale Insurance Group are here to offer you advice on the level of coverage that you need to have in place to keep your boat, passengers, and other waterway users safe.


Boat Equipment
Covers any of your attached boat-related equipment such as anchors, batteries, fuel tanks, life jackets, and so on.

Boat Recovery
Covers the expenses that may be incurred in order to recover a sunken boat.

Emergency Towing
Covers the costs of having your boat or watercraft towed in an emergency, along with any other applicable emergency services deemed necessary.

Covers the cost to have your boat hauled out of the water if a hurricane is expected to hit your area.

Covers you against any claims or lawsuits filed against you for liability issues related to your boat ownership such as Pollution Liability, Bodily Injury Liability (when someone is injured on your boat), Property Damage Liability (when your boat damages someone else’s property), and Guest Passenger Liability.

Uninsured Boater
Covers expenses in the event of damage or an injury or death caused by someone who does not have insurance or sufficient liability limits.